Australia’s new National Regulatory System for Community Housing aims to ensure a well governed, well managed and viable national community housing sector that meets the housing needs of tenants and provides assurance for government and investors.


The National Regulatory System for Community Housing seeks a clear separation between regulatory activities, and state and territory policy and funding activities.

The scope of a Registrar’s functions under the National Regulatory System is limited to regulatory activities.

Policy and funding decisions will continue to be a matter for state, territory and federal governments, which enables localised responses to meet housing need. Visit the pages of individual States & Territories for more information.


The governance arrangements for the NRSCH are shared by the governments of all participating jurisdictions via housing ministers, Registrars and advisory forums. 


All interested housing providers seeking to be part of this national system can apply for registration via the Registrar in their state or territory. Specialist housing providers, including indigenous providers, are encouraged to apply. For more information, view the eligibility guideline.


Registrars Forum

19 Apr 16

The Registrars Forum will meet in Canberra on 20-21 April 2016. 

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Provider Notification Guidelines

8 Apr 16

The Provider Notifications to the Registrar Guidelines can now be found on the website

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SA completes transition to NRSCH

6 Oct 15

As at 30 September 2015, 46 eligible community housing providers in South Australia have successfully completed the transition to registration under the new National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH). 

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Who should I contact?

Please use this page to find out the correct way to contact us depending on the nature of your enquiry about the National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

National Register

The national register is a single national database with the details of all community housing providers currently registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

Please see National Provider Register

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