NRSCH Operational Guidelines

The NRSCH Operational Guidelines are intended to assist providers and NRSCH Registrars. They explain the three tiers of registration, evidence required for registration in each Tier and how Registrars will exercise their enforcement powers under the NRSCH.

Tier Guidelines

The Tier Guidelines explains the sections of the National Law concerned with determining a provider’s registration Tier. There are three Tier categories based on the risk associated with the scale and scope of a provider’s business; not its performance against the national regulatory code.

Evidence Guidelines 

The Evidence Guidelines describe the performance indicators and evidence sources used to assess providers against the performance outcomes and requirements of the National Regulatory Code, specifying the requirements for each of the three Tiers of provider

Enforcement Guidelines

The Enforcement Guidelines set out how Registrars exercise their enforcement powers such as issuing Notices of Non Compliance and the appointment of Statutory Managers. It explains in what circumstances these powers will be exercised to ensure the approach is consistent with both the National Law and the principles of good regulation.

Affiliated Entity Arrangements Guidance Note

This Guidance Note sets out what registrars consider about a provider’s relationships with other persons or entities, where those relationships could materially affect its community housing activities. The Guidance Note gives examples of these relationships – termed affiliated entities  - and when and how providers should disclose such arrangements.

Provider Guides

Provider Notifications

These guidelines explain the requirement that registered providers notify the Registrar of certain events, and how and when to do this.