How providers can register

Housing providers can apply for national registration by contacting the Registrars of Community Housing’s office in their respective jurisdictions. All registrations are completed online via a common online application called CHRIS (Community Housing Regulatory Information System).

Providers will be given a secure access to complete their application form. The application process is confidential and Registrars have a duty under the National Law not to disclose provider information except under specific conditions.

At the time of application, if the housing provider operates or intends to operate in only one state or territory, they must apply to the Registrar acting for that state or territory. If the housing provider operates or intends to operate in more than one state or territory, the Registrars from those states and territories will nominate a Primary Registrar for that provider to oversee all its activities.

A suite of Operating Guidelines have been developed below to help providers prepare for national registration.