Collection of community housing asset data to be implemented in 2020

What is changing?
It will be a mandatory requirement for registered providers to submit and maintain a list of community housing assets owned or managed by their organisation.

Why do we have to provide a list of our community housing assets?
Section 15(2)(i) of the National Law states that a provider ‘ must keep a list of all of the provider’s community housing assets in a form approved by the Registrar and must make the list available to the primary Registrar on request.’

The acquisition of property level data by Registrars provides visibility of challenges and risks that may be faced by providers due to the physical location of their community housing properties. It also provides better information to analysts, highlighting where financial or performance measures may be affected or why performance measures may be significantly different between similar providers. 

While anecdotal information suggests location impacts on management and maintenance costs, these costs are not documented or well understood.  It is anticipated a number of benefits to the Registrars and sector may be realised through the collection of property based asset information including benchmarking characteristics, better risk profiling and opportunities for early engagement, better visibility of the existing community housing stock and data to support sector capacity building.

When will we need to provide our community housing asset list?
The collection of property based asset information is planned to commence between March and April 2020. 

What do we need to do now?
Nothing. This information is provided now to allow you time to prepare for the changes. You do not need to submit the information now. We will write to you again when the information is required.

How will the information be collected?
In or around March the NRSCH National Office will write to you and request your property based asset data. A template will be provided. The information can be submitted in excel or csv format. The National Office will load the data into CHRIS so that it is visible to providers through the CHRIS portal.

Can I upload the information into CHRIS?
No. Not at this time. The initial collection will be managed centrally through the NRSCH National Office.

How will the information be maintained?

We are currently working with a developer to achieve a solution that would allow providers to update property data through the CHRIS portal at any time. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

I don’t understand what properties should be included in the community housing asset list?
If you are unclear about the properties to be included please contact your Analyst for further information.

NRSCH draft guidance on property data collection can be found here