Environmental Scan

Registrars have made a decision to present a series of topics that can be accessed separately in lieu of an annual single environmental scan document. This decision has been made to minimise production and associated delays, and to support a greater ability to introduce new and relevant material in a timely manner.

The purpose of these publications is to identify key risks facing the community housing sector and to support community housing providers (CHPs) with their strategic planning, whilst also providing information to the sector and stakeholders more broadly about the operating environment of CHP’s.

These publications will support the focus of Registrar’s attention and resources on the risks of greatest importance, and help guide future compliance assessments through identifying issues or business circumstances that may be examined through for example, deep dives.

Topic selection is based on the following underlying principles:

  • Significance to the sector
  • Currency
  • National relevance
  • Strategic focus

Click this link to access Environmental Scan documents