Regulation & Policy

The regulatory principles that guide implementation of the NRSCH aim to ensure that the regulation of community housing providers is proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent, flexible and targeted.

Under the NRSCH each individual housing agency will continue to have responsibility for priorities, policy and funding decisions and approaches within that jurisdiction. The following national policies will guide implementation of the NRSCH across all jurisdictions.

  • National Policy – Jurisdictional Requirements
  • National Policy – Regulatory and Funding

A suite of regulatory documents, including Operating Guidelines, have shaped development of the NRSCH and will guide its operations.

  • Charter outlines the vision, objectives, and regulatory principles, philosophy and practice for the NRSCH.
  • Evidence Guidelines describe the performance indicators and evidence sources for assessing different types of providers against the National Regulatory Code.
  • Tier Guidelines describe the application of the three-tiered registration system based on risk.
  • Enforcement Guidelines set out the enforcement actions available to Registrars under the National Law.
  • NRSCH Regulatory Framework details how Registrars will deliver their functions under the NRSCH.
  • National Regulatory Code sets out the performance requirements that registered providers must comply with under the National Law.