Applying for Registration

The first part of the process is the completion of the eligibility and tier form (ETF) which is used to confirm that your organisation is eligible to apply for registration as a community housing provider and to make a provisional decision on the tier of the registration.

Providers seeking registration are required to complete the Community Housing Asset Performance Report (CHAPR) as part of the ETF process.  The CHAPR is used to collect information about the number, location and characteristics of your community housing assets and where applicable the scope and scale of your property development activity.

If your organisation is assessed as eligible to apply you will be invited to complete the Application for Registration Form and the Financial Performance Report  (FPR). The application for registration return (return) collects evidence to demonstrate your organisations capacity to comply with the National Regulatory Code and the National Law.

All registration applications are completed online via a common online application called CHRIS (Community Housing Regulatory Information System).

A suite of guides have been developed to provide more detailed information in relation to the process and to help providers prepare for national registration.