New South Wales

NSW Definition of Community Housing Assets

One of the conditions of registration for a community housing provider (CHP) under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) requires CHPs to provide and maintain a list of all community housing assets they hold in NRSCH participating jurisdictions (please refer to section 15(2)(i) of the National Law). These community housing assets would be the subject of the wind-up condition of registration at 15(2)(c) of the National Law, which provides for the redistribution of a CHP’s community housing assets to jurisdictional Housing Agencies or another registered CHP in the event of organisational wind-up.

Each jurisdiction’s National Law adoption legislation lists what constitutes a community housing asset in that jurisdiction. The table below provides a guide on what constitutes a community housing asset in NSW. The examples provided are not exhaustive.

Other Assets

A CHP can also choose to list assets that they own or manage without assistance (or in the case of NRAS B, minimal assistance) from the NSW Government, to provide their designated Registrar with a clearer picture of the full scale and scope of their business activities. Some examples of these are provided in the table below in the row headed “Other Assets”.

NSW Community Housing Assets


Land acquired by the community housing provider, wholly or partly with funding from the NSW Government

  • Debt Equity Program
  • Affordable Housing Innovations Fund
  • Social Housing Growth Fund
  • National Rental Affordability Scheme A
  • New Generation Boarding House Funding

Land and dwellings vested to a community housing provider by the NSW Government

  • Social housing funded under the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Program
  • Title transfer of properties under management

Land vested in the ownership of a community housing provider by the NSW Government

Funds provided to an organisation for the purpose of acquiring community housing assets that have yet to be expended

  • Grants for a capital purpose
  • CHLP funding
  • Crisis accommodation maintenance funding

Any other asset that the NSW Government holds an interest in through a community housing agreement

  • Property leased to a community housing provider by FACS NSW Land and Housing Corporation
Not Community Housing Assets for purposes of National Regulation

Assets owned or managed by community housing providers without assistance or with minimal assistance from the NSW Government

  • National Rental Affordability Scheme B
  • Fee for service management arrangements
  • Leveraged properties without NSW Government interest
  • Partnerships with local councils
  • Boarding House Financial Assistance Program Funding