Provider Reporting Templates

These are reports for use by providers when submitting reports required for registering and maintaining registration, under the NRSCH.

Community Housing Asset Performance Report

The Community Housing Asset Performance Report is used to collect information about the number, location and characteristic of providers’ community housing assets, and where applicable the scope and scale of its property development activity. The information is used to help analysts determine eligibility to register, to assess the tier of registration and also as contextual background for assessing providers’ capacity to comply with (in particular) performance outcome 2 (asset management).

Community Housing Asset List

The Community Housing Asset List can be completed manually or by exporting from the provider’s asset management software and aligning values and fields with the asset list contained in this document.

Financial Performance Report

The Financial Performance reports are used to collect financial information from providers. The reports are structured to collect information by different business segments in addition to a provider’s consolidated accounts. Financial projections are also collected from providers. Ten year financial projections are collected from Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers. Tier 3 providers must submit two year financial forecasts.