Compliance process overview

The six stages of the compliance process are:

Step 1: Standard compliance return

A standard compliance return comprises the core  financial, asset and non-financial data sets relevant to the provider’s Tier,  any other standard business documentation that demonstrates the provider’s  achievement of National Law outcomes, and notification of any significant  changes to policies or procedures.

Step 2: Initial compliance  assessment

The initial compliance assessment is the first time  the Primary Registrar assesses the provider’s actualcompliance with the  National Law.

Step 3: Provider risk profile

Primary Registrars determine the risk profile of the provider to assess the risk of providers’ non-compliance of the performance outcomes in the future.

Step 4: Additional monitoring (if required)

Additional targeted monitoring of an individual  provider’s compliance may be undertaken by the Primary Registrar should a  heightened level of risk warrant such monitoring.

Step 5: Standard compliance assessment

Following the initial compliance assessment,  providers undergo a standard compliance assessment and submit a compliance  return annually or every two years, depending on their assessed risk profile Tier.

Step 6: Continuous monitoring & disclosure

Providers are expected to continuously monitor  their own compliance and disclose to their Primary Registrar anything that  might adversely impact their compliance.