Application timeframes

Initiation & ETF stage Date
Provider briefing Start date entered
Provider contacted by Primary Registrar ETF Date – 1 week
Registrar releases Eligibility and
Tier Form (ETF)
ETF Date
(Schedule Date)
Provider submits completed ETF ETF Date + 2 weeks
Registrar completes ETF assessment ETF Date + 4 weeks
Application for registration stage (AFR)
Registrar releases Application for Registration
Form (AFR)
ETF Date + 4 weeks
Provider submits completed AFR ETF Date + 10 weeks
Registrar sends letter identifying evidence gaps ETF Date + 12 weeks
Registrar Issues Draft Determination ETF Date + 16 weeks
Provider responds to Draft Determination ETF Date + 18 weeks
Final Determination Report Issued ETF Date + 19 weeks